Spread of Islam: Dawah, Dayee, Country, Organization, Individual, Initiative

Islam is spreaded in the world in beauty and generosity.
Here's some list and website of Islam preaching activity individual and collective level in the world.

Institutions and organizations around the world that preach Islam

There are numerous institutions and organizations around the world that preach Islam, here are some of them with their associated websites:

  1. Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) - www.isna.net
  2. Muslim World League (MWL) - www.themwl.org
  3. Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) - www.icna.org
  4. Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) - www.cair.com
  5. Ahlul Bayt Islamic Mission (AIM) - www.aimislam.com
  6. Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) - www.islamic-relief.org
  7. Tablighi Jamaat - www.tablighijamaat.org
  8. Darul Uloom Deoband - www.darululoom-deoband.com
  9. Al-Azhar University - www.azhar.edu.eg
  10. Hizb ut-Tahrir - www.hizb-ut-tahrir.info

It's important to note that while these organizations and institutions may share the same fundamental beliefs of Islam, they may have differing interpretations and practices.

Renowned Islamic lecturer in the world:
Here are some renowned Islamic lecturers from around the world:
  1. Dr. Zakir Naik - India - https://www.zakirnaik.net/ , https://www.youtube.com/@Drzakirchannel/videos , https://www.youtube.com/@HudaTvChannel/featured
  2. Mufti Menk - Zimbabwe - https://www.muftimenk.com/
  3. Nouman Ali Khan - United States - https://bayyinah.com/speakers/nouman-ali-khan/
  4. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf - United States - https://www.zaytuna.edu/about/faculty-and-staff/hamza-yusuf/ , https://sandala.org/
  5. Dr. Yasir Qadhi - United States - https://www.yasirqadhi.com/
  6. Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda - United States - https://www.qalaminstitute.org/abdul-nasir-jangda/
  7. Sheikh Omar Suleiman - United States - https://yaqeeninstitute.org/team/omar-suleiman/
  8. Sheikh Yasir Fahmy - United States - https://www.yasirfahmy.com/
  9. Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick - Canada - https://www.hakimquick.com/ , https://www.islam.ca/
  10. Mufti Ismail Menk - Zimbabwe - https://www.muftimenk.com/
  11. Dr. Bilal Philips - Canada - https://bilalphilips.com/
  12. Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury - Australia - https://www.almaghrib.org/
  13. Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf - United Kingdom - https://www.whitethreadpress.com

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and there are many other respected Islamic scholars and lecturers around the world.


Islamic centers, foundations, missions, and organizations established under government support in various Muslim countries along with their websites:
  1. Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia) - www.isdb.org
  2. International Islamic University (Malaysia) - www.iium.edu.my
  3. International Islamic University (Pakistan) - www.iiu.edu.pk
  4. Al-Azhar Mosque and University (Egypt) - www.azhar.edu.eg
  5. Islamic Foundation Bangladesh (Bangladesh) - www.islamicfoundation.gov.bd
  6. Islamic Center of Indonesia (Indonesia) - www.ppi-indonesia.org
  7. Islamic Center of Kuwait (Kuwait) - www.islamiccenter.org.kw
  8. Dar Al Ber Society (Oman) www.daralber.ae
  9. Islamic Foundation of the Philippines (Philippines) - www.ifp-ph.org
  10. Qatar Islamic Cultural Center (Qatar) - https://www.binzaid.gov.qa/

It's important to note that while these organizations may have received government support, they may not necessarily be directly controlled by the government, and may operate independently with their own leadership and decision-making processes.


Islamic scholars around the world

Islamic scholars around the world, here are some examples with their associated websites:

  1. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf - www.sandala.org
  2. Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - www.cambridgemuslimcollege.ac.uk/faculty/sheikh-abdal-hakim-murad/
  3. Sheikh Suhaib Webb - www.suhaibwebb.com
  4. Imam Omar Suleiman - www.omarsuleiman.com
  5. Dr. Ingrid Mattson - www.ingridmattson.org
  6. Mufti Menk - www.muftimenk.com
  7. Dr. Yasir Qadhi - www.yasir.qadhi.com
  8. Sheikh Salman Al-Odah - www.al-islam.com
  9. Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi - www.shaykhabulyaqoubi.com
  10. Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah - www.binbayyah.net

It's important to note that while these scholars may be highly respected and influential in the Islamic world, their views and opinions may not necessarily represent the views of all Muslims or Islamic institutions.

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